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  • 💻 Bootstrapped a no-code tool to thousands of users

💻 Bootstrapped a no-code tool to thousands of users

On twitter I love following along the journey of other builders.

By listening to their stories, you gain experience vicariously.

One of the builders I’ve been following is Ian.

He’s building Supersparks, a no-code tool for Webflow.

Within a year he’s already gotten thousands of users using his product.

And he did it bootstrapped. 💪

Check out the full chat here, but here are the highlights:

  1. Before building he created landing pages for all his ideas. Added a CTA making it seem like the app was live. But once clicked it would say “Our early access program has closed” with a waitlist signup. Supersparks had the most waitlist sign ups, so decided to build it out.

  2. Has 100% organic traffic through specific channels

  3. Gives this advice to others “When you get stuck, do not be afraid to ask or even pay for help, instead of banging your head against a wall.”

Check out the full chat with Ian here!

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