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💻 How Tailwind Makes Millions From Open Source

One tool I love is Tailwind. If you’re not one of the million or so devs using it you should definitely give it a try.

I was curious how profitable they were, considering they’re open source software.

Boy are they profitable.

In their first 2 years they made $2 million. And that was reported in 2020.

They’ve been hush about how much they’ve made since, but their user base continues to grow so it’s safe to say their revenue has as well.

The best part: it was built by 2 guys. A designer and a developer.

I went into how they were able to do this here, but here are the highlights:

  1. The founder was building other failed products in public, and his followers kept asking him to open source the css system, so he did - which became Tailwind

  2. Tailwind uses an “Open-Core” business strategy to make their millions

  3. In their first year they blew up to 670k installs, and 10k followers

Check out the full write up here!